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Home >> Baiquan Mountain Natural Scenic Area tourist information

Baiquan Mountain Natural Scenic Area

Baiquan Mountain Natural Scenic AreaBaiquan beautiful natural scenic mountain located in the eastern suburbs of Beijing Huairou County, situated between the beautiful and quiet Yougushentan Yanqi Lake, is a treasure of natural scenery. When you walk into spring in the mountains, you will find here has a special geographical environment, forceful magnificent mountain structure, a wide variety of vegetation and mineral resources, the whole constitutes a natural spring in the mountains from the natural landscape, which is quite spectacular scenery, Beijing private tour attracted many tourists. In addition to the magnificent mountains, green trees in spring in the mountains also hidden hundreds of gurgling spring, called spring in the mountains, spring water is necessary can be a lot of scenery, which makes the stream valley between the number of pools that twinkle constantly, to the whole hundred Quanshan adds a lot of fun and vitality. In Baiquan Hill area, you also can not help but admire it still feels like the southern United States Xiushan, walk in the mountains, the fountain, it is intriguing, people lasting.

Scenic its special geographical environment, magnificent mountain structure, rich vegetation and mineral resources, constitutes a unique natural landscape.

Baiquan Mountain planning area of 20 square kilometers. District mountainous peaks, ravines, Baiquan convergence, vegetation coverage rate of 95%, is located in the scenic north side of the peak - nine chubong 999 meters above sea level. Baiquan Mountain granite body mostly white, weathered, forming numerous peaks and rocks, because of its geographical location in the center of Beijing rainstorm region, rainfall, water abundance between seasons, Castle Greenwood, spring, lake, waterfall, river, pool, lakes, rivers and other water features and taste. By the end of 2005, the construction of seven dams closure to form the surface of about 50,000 square meters. Coleus planting trees, fruit trees Lin Shu 5,000. Scenic tour area of ??about 10 square kilometers. Into resort area, water recreation areas, sightseeing spots, such as three functional areas. Leisure resort built and hosted 500 people, 150 people star accommodation facilities. Water recreation area set up motor boats, boating, pedalo, water bike tour and many other aquatic entertainment. Tourist resort has opened trails 10 km long cycle tour.

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