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Home >> Gubeikou Great Wall travel guide and tour

Gubeikou Great Wall

Gubeikou Great WallGubeikou Gubeikou Great Wall is located southeast of the town of Miyun County. By the Wohushan Wall, Broom Hill Wall, Jinshanling and Simatai Great Wall composition. Northern Qi Tianbao six (555) River starting from the construction of a (now Shaanxi Yulin River) to a total of 1500 more than one thousand meters Shanhaiguan Great Wall. Which is the focus gubeikou fortification mark. Jin and Yuan dynasties had build this juncture. Hongwu eleven years (1378) onwards plus repair off the city, the size and other crucial juncture and Beacon Cypriot facilities and upgrading the door shut two, one located at the gateway to the Great Wall, called Tiemenguan, only allow a ride a car through ; one located at Chao, and said, " Watergate off" deposit sites. Khanh first year (1567) Qi Tan Lun to begin from Shanhaiguan Pass (see Juyongguan and PTZ) for large-scale reconstruction of the Great Wall, Great Wall gubeikou get built. Wangjing floor section of the Great Wall for the highest point 986 meters above sea level.

Broom Hill Great Wall tours is the largest war in the history of the Great Wall, and its relative height is not high, about 150m, to climb the Great Wall of length of about 5km. Famous watch tower (Beacon) General Building has 22 openings, is relatively rare, magnificent and preserve the original multi- openings watchtowers. Beautiful scenery, many tourists away. Man Road 's Broom Hill Great Wall is like a dragon in the mountains above, the winter is particularly spectacular. Young people make the temple awe, as if back then armored cavalry battle often mysterious ancient Caishenmiao, will make you satisfied. General Building - Broom Hill is located in the commanding heights of the Great Wall, is relatively rare, magnificent and keep the original multi- openings, there are 22 openings, is to set the command authority of the place, in the famous Great War, the two sides compete for the most intense is the general floor. Twenty-four floor - Broom Hill is finally a watch tower east of the Great Wall, the famous war generals floor echoes up and down three floors, a two-story window of four weeks each with three arrows, the top is surrounded by forts. 24 floor has 24 observation holes are rare treasures of the Great Wall 's construction history.

1933 gubeikou carried out in this war, more than 360 bodies buried in the Memorial Gubeikou Great Wall, built gubeikou memorial tomb. Crouching Tiger Mountain Great Wall. Hexi Village, located in the town of Miyun County gubeikou, elevation 665.2 m. Ming Hongwu eight years. Wall length of 13.6 kilometers, more than 20 blocks located watchtowers. Broom Hill Great Wall. Simatai Great Wall is located between the Great Wall and Wohushan. Length of 5000 meters, set fortresses 19. General Building and twenty-four floor for the architectural essence. General Building located in the commanding heights of Broom Hill, the location for the command authority, Lou was a square, width 10.1 meters, building a total of four arrow windows north and south, things have three arrow windows, east, south, west and north each one ; twenty-four floor shape is square, double. Three arrows on each floor windows on each side of a 24-well named. But twenty-four buildings have been blown up by the Japanese half, incomplete. Entire gubeikou Wall has not been manually repaired, very vicissitudes, and broken walls and bombs eye is as if people find themselves in that war-torn era. In the sunset light, it tears.

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