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Jingshan Park

Jingshan ParkJingshan Park is located in the north of the Forbidden City. Beijing cultural relics protection units. Yuan, Ming and Qing three generations of Regency. Located in Beijing city center, located in the center of Beijing on the walls so the north-south axis. Yuan front of the wilderness. Jindadi years rather too near the house was built, cutting Sherwood Lake (now the North Sea), in this pile hill. The mid- 13th century, Kublai Khan built mostly Yuan Shi group, here is at the center of the city, turned into a music tour exclusively for the emperor "after the Court."

Jingshan Park is located in the north of the Forbidden City, as the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties Regency is a beautiful imperial garden environment. Dating back more than 800 years of history. Jingshan peak height 44.6 meters, within the old city center in Beijing, was also the highest place. Pavilion on the peak called "Wan Chun Ting, "in this view overlooking the capital.

Jingshan main building are: three garden gate (Jingshan door, Shanzuo in the door, Shan You in the door) ; worship Confucius Qi watchtower ; five peaks booths ; Shouhuang Jingshan Hill Hall after east side of the house never thought and the concept of Germany as well as protect the country house of loyalty Temple.

Jingshan name meaning there are three : the first is tall meaning. "Poetry Yin Wu " in the "He Zhi Jingshan, Evergreen pill pill "of the sentence, saying that both the Shang Dynasty 3,000 years ago the city had a Jingshan ; secondly, because this is the Empress who "Royal "of the land ; again there admire intended. In 1928 the park into the park.

Jingshan Qi watchtower was built fifteen years of Qianlong (1750), Beijing private tour is the official Jingshan School student and teacher Confucius worship place. Republic of China period, the building has hosted exhibitions. As February 25, 1937, the Belvedere Palace Museum in Jingshan Qi display the hands of Chinese living Englishman photos of more than 600 ancient artifacts. Peak Pavilion 5, from east to west in order to view the wonderful booths, kiosks week tour, Wan Chun Ting, Ting Fu browse, edit Fang Ting : 5 booth original five statues, known flavors of God, no deposit. Thousands Chunting, you can see the Forbidden City Southern magnificent palaces, fancy axis of the bell tower north and west to see the North Sea Baita. Jingshan Dong Lu, one of the original low sloping eastward old tree, which was hanging by the prosecution Zhu Chong place. Ming, Li Zicheng rebel army invaded in March 1644 in Beijing, March 19 Chongzhen fled to Jingshan, consciously disgrace to zuxianjiye to commit suicide belt on top Waibo Ash wonderful view under the pavilion. During the ten years of turmoil, the old locust tree is treated as the "four olds "cut, in 1981 at the site of a newly transplanted guhuai. Shouhuang Hall is for the Ming and Qing dynasties emperor Tingling, storage and worship of the portrait, which "God Goten."The Ming Dynasty temple in Jingshan Northeast, Qianlong period of the old temple demolished, now located in the newly built just north Jingshan, Beijing's central axis Shouhuang ancient temple.

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