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Home >> Longqing Gorge tourist information

Longqing Gorge

Longqing GorgeBecause there Yanqing students Longqingxia also came a few times in the winter to see Ice, summer boat ride, watching leaves fall. What a beautiful place. Little is known Longqingxia Lijiang, said Beijing this summer, hot weather, can come Longqingxia Although the sun is high, cool, very cool place. Boat tours, breezy autumn feeling much.

I saw the landscape integration, Qi Lin, dams towering waterfalls direct vent, he could feel the mist, picturesque. Longqingxia ancient "city nine", the eastern foot of water in the sea Tuo, the Yudu Mountain import ancient reservoir. Boarded the north overlooking the dam, dark green surface reflection of the mountains and clouds. Things two mountains, cliffs upright enough to have a few feet high, "Longqingxia" may thus gorge named. Everyone was in high spirits, mutual photography, walking and talking, there seems to talk about.

Longqingxia no boat into a lot less fun. Boat trip of about 40 minutes, water Scenic Journey Into Amazing Caves. Everywhere you looked, Beijing tours to that mix of mountain and rock, some like a sword scabbard, and some like a sledgehammer lifted, some like head of a tiger, and some like twisted head like ...... so people according to their shape named "Zhen-Shan Tathagata", "comb sub-mountain", "gold cylinder mountain" and so on.

On both sides of Yaan, stone bear dance rock, Nine holes, Jiguanshan, Horseshoe Lake, General Rock and other attractions can slowly crumble. Those peaks and rocks, called "Beyond the Great Wall is a must." They are both magnificent beyond the Great Wall, and both the southern beauty, with the Lijiang River in Guilin looks, and the Yangtze River Three Gorges. Beijing is one of 16 King.

We happily, old classmates together, always free. There is also a high-altitude bicycle tightrope performances, tens of meters high cliff, pull a span of one hundred meters of wire, bicycle riding on top, bottom hanging a person, looking enough overhang. Bungee there are also a lot of consistent evaluation of our brave enough. Longqingxia depth, classmates friendship deeper, Longqingxia high mountains, the enthusiasm of the students meet higher.

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