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Home >> Mutianyu Great Wall travel guide

Mutianyu Great Wall

Mutianyu Great WallMutianyu Great Wall is located in the territory of Huairou District , Beijing is the new King 16 . Juyongguan Great Wall, west , east gubeikou , open 2250 m Great Wall section which is characterized by both sides forts , especially just off Taiwan three watchtowers and chu , the famous Great Wall Landscape nock , horn rim, eagle down Yang etc. Mutianyu Great Wall is located in the western end of the Great Wall in its essence.

Mutianyu Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall in its essence. Mutianyu Great Wall has a unique style of building , where fortresses dense pass advantageous, city forts on both sides . Mutianyu Great Wall tourist area surrounded by mountains , beautiful scenery. Spring , fragrant flowers Zhengyan , flowers are blooming ; summer mountain green , gurgling water ; autumn leaves Manshan the fruit ; winter , snow, snow scenery of the north , in the foreign enjoy the " Great Wall Mutianyu alone show "reputation. Mutianyu section of the Great Wall --- its architectural structure has a unique style that is the essence of the Great Wall . Three watchtowers and a positive shut -chu Taiwan , as the Great Wall of rare. There northwest commonly known as " cow horns edge" , " nock " and " eagle down Yang " and the Great Wall Landscape node , its potential towering steep , undulating , such as the dragon soar .

Mutianyu Great Wall tours scenic lush vegetation coverage rate of 96% today , such a large area of vegetation is not comparable to any section of the Great Wall . Mutianyu off Taiwan peculiar. Mutianyu off with Juyongguan , Shanhaiguan , Jiayuguan , etc. are not the same , is closing stage is constituted by the three hollow fortresses , connectivity and chu , both sides of the floor, small, middle floor is large, there are three on three watchtowers Block Wangting , closed with no center , but in the closing stages east of fortresses out of customs station is located on both sides of the door , this unique building is the Great Wall off Taiwan are rare. Mutianyu Great Wall fortresses intensive . Mu word from one ( large turret ) to Mu Zi four ( positive closing stage ) . Less than 500 meters , is located watchtowers 4 ; from one word to Mu Mu 20 sets word length is only 3,000 meters, watchtowers , enemy units , wall units, shop room on the 25 , this one hundred meters or so there a watch tower of the Great Wall section is rare . Mutianyu Great Wall has a double-sided forts . Other segments Wall, mostly outside the Great Wall was built forts side wall , while the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall , but both sides are forts walls, forts walls that defenders soldiers fighting the enemy bunkers . Forts on both sides of the wall , which means both sides of the battle with the enemy , we can see the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall in the history of the important strategic position.

Mutianyu Great Wall , the external branch of the city coexist. Support the city , that is outside the main wall along the mountain according to need another war complications repair the Great Wall . Mutianyu city that is connected to the external branch of Mu word eleven units of the Great Wall , the inner city branch or " bald tail edge ." Great Wall at Mutianyu rich three-dimensional . Mutianyu off, the lowest-lying , just 486 meters above sea level , east, suddenly rose , and the greatest turret ( Mu Zi a ) less than 500 meters , rising 117 meters . West, from Mu Zi four ( ie, positive shut Taiwan ) to admire the word nineteen units, undulating , more gentle , Mu word from horn rim 20 sets to the highest point , just after nearly 10 watchtowers , from Mutianyu related rise 533 meters 486 meters , reaching 1039 m . Spectacular.

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