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ShentangyuShentangyu natural scenic territory located in Huairou, 65 kilometers away from Beijing Dongzhimen, 11 km from Huairou District. Shentangyu Yanqi south west Mutianyu Great Wall, north Lianquan loud Valley, wax stick in the mountains. Yanqi water in this. Shentangyu locally produced dozens of herbs, legend had a doctor come to this open Medic, painful illness solution for the people, hence the name Shentangyu.

Shentangyu water constantly throughout the year, Cheongdam Qushui everywhere. Natural form of duck pond and Longtan water wide, clear lake water, visitors can swimming boating. Steep mountain region, strange Shi Tiancheng. Monk Shenguan modeling realistic, lifelike, olecranon peak, Luo Tuoling, turtle stone, Phoenix, Feng Shi Shi crowd, etc. are gods, and fun. Shentangyu Scenic Rooms, Commodities, restaurants, parking and other facilities should be complete, and opened a folk tourist projects. Visitors can board and lodging at the farm, savor ethnic customs. Night, people can also lit bonfires, singing in the open air dance hall dance.

Historically Shentangyu for Gyeonggi fortress, built in the Ming Dynasty of troops to repair the castle ruins preserved, the vicissitudes of the ancient Great Wall, glory remain, Beijing bus tour for the beautiful people of Cuba provides a good place. Shentangyu location on the Huairou regarded as a maverick, and the scenery is also very personal, mountain spring water runs through the region, Longtan, crocodile, duck pond clearance diving, mountain sides lush, majestic, Buddha cap, olecranon Ridge, turtle stone gods, ancient Great Wall glory dwells, one thousand meters fine white sandy beaches. Yanqi River runs through the region, the water quality of mellowness, water constantly. Natural form of Longtan, duck pond, Hubei pond waters wide, crystal clear. Shentangyu natural scenic mountains steep, strange Shi Tiancheng, Buddha hat strange shapes, towering, fascinating; olecranon peak, Luo Tuoling, turtle stone, Phoenix, stone and other Seven Wonders of the crowd, vivid, fun.

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