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Temple of Heaven

Temple of HeavenThe temple was built in the Ming Yongle eighteen years, is an annual Heaven and emperors prayed for good harvest areas. Temple of Heaven rigorous architectural layout, unique architecture and magnificent architectural structure known to the world. Covers an area of ??approximately 2.7 million square meters, is divided into inner and outer altar altar. The main building, including the altar, South Circular Mound Altar, Imperial Vault of Heaven, pray north temple, the temple of Queen dried by a north-south corridor - Danbi Bridge. Cooper luxuriant outside altar, surrounded the altar, so that the main buildings look more majestic.

Temple of Heaven Park, in the south of Beijing, Dongcheng District, Yongding Gate Avenue, east side. Covering about 2.7 million square meters, is China's largest existing ancient sacrificial buildings. Throughout the Beijing city, north Ditan Jide, South of Heaven Temple of Heaven, East Ritan offering sun, moon sacrifice on the altar west, where the Temple of the most dazzling, bearing extraordinary. The temple was built in the Ming Yongle eighteen years (1420), the Qing Emperor Qianlong, Guangxu had rebuilt alterations. Ming and Qing dynasties emperor worship heaven, pray for bumper grain harvest of the place. Temple of Heaven is Heaven, pray Valley two altar collectively, have the altar wall of the double form both inside and outside the altar wall of the southern North Circular, a symbol of the hemispherical dome. The main building, including the altar, in the South Circular Mound Altar, altar of prayer in the north, two on the altar with a north-south axis, the middle of the wall apart. Circular Mound Altar in the main building are the Circular Mound Altar, Imperial Vault of Heaven, and so on, the altar of prayer main building has qiniandian, dry imperial temple, pray doors. The most famous of Heaven in the north, which is the most magnificent Temple of Heaven, the most magnificent buildings, but also the imagination from the days of the nearest place. Qiniandian, Jiajing 24 years (1545) to triple top round temple, the temple roof covered with green, yellow, and green glass under symbolize heaven and earth, of all things. Sixteen years of Qing Emperor Qianlong (1751) instead of three as a unified color tile blue tile Jinding, naming " of Heaven," is Meng (month) Garden Valley dedicated building.

Taiji stone altar in addition to the center is a circular surface, the periphery of each ring are fan-shaped, but also the number of positive numbers, symbolizing Heaven, Heaven tablets on the stone placed on Taiji, symbolizing the highest Heaven above Heaven. Circular Mound Altar outbuildings are Imperial Vault of Heaven and Echo Wall. If Tiananmen Square has become a symbol of China, then Beijing tour package of Heaven is a symbol of this monumental city. Indeed, this building is the crystallization of unparalleled wisdom and civilization, in the pass 38 meters high, 30 meters in diameter size, to accommodate such a wealth of knowledge.

Meanwhile, it is also the pinnacle of Chinese wooden architecture alone tenon knot, brackets, bracket, all with wood to complete this stunning masterpiece. Tiantan absolutely fabulous place to another, is a wonderful echo. Standing in the center of the Circular Mound Altar calls out, you will hear coming from the depths of the stratum bright and deep reverberations from the center of the earth as if it sounds, it seems from the sky, so people take it a mysterious name: " Tianxin stone." Around the Imperial Vault of Heaven has a wall thickness of about 0.9 meters, you stand at one end against the wall whisper, as long as the person standing on the other side of the wall stickers can hear the ear very clear, and there are stereo effect, this is the " whispering gallery." This proves that 500 years ago, the Chinese people have been able to use acoustic principles.

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