China travel agency offers Beijing tour to Forbidden City, Badaling Great Wall, and Summer Palace
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Beijing Tourist Sights

Jade East Park 2016-7-17 (attractions2)
Pipe Byway 2016-7-6 (attractions2)
Puwa Hunting Ground 2016-6-22 (attractions2)
Hanshiqiao Wetland 2016-6-7 (attractions2)
Reclining Buddha Hill 2016-4-30 (attractions2)
Laodu Grape Picking Park 2016-4-5 (attractions2)
Shunxin Green Resort 2016-3-22 (attractions2)
Ziyunshan Scenic Area 2016-3-12 (attractions2)
Baihebu Reservoir 2016-2-12 (attractions2)
Miaofeng Cherry Orchard 2016-1-16 (attractions2)
Juyongguan Chenghuang Temple 2016-1-5 (attractions2)
Badaling National Forest Park 2015-12-27 (attractions2)
Laoshe Teahouse 2015-12-19 (attractions2)
Nanhaizi Elk Garden 2015-12-8 (attractions2)
Shengquan Hill 2015-11-17 (attractions2)
Bodhisattva Mountain 2015-9-28 (attractions2)
China Ancient Animal Museum 2015-9-4 (attractions2)
Magic Theatre 2015-8-7 (attractions2)
Red Scarf Park 2015-6-16 (sight2)
Wanfang Pavilion Park 2015-5-28 (sight2)
Lianhuachi Park 2015-5-21 (sight2)
Quanmei Cherry Ecological Park 2015-5-12 (sight2)
Chaolai Forest Park 2015-5-6 (sight2)
Bajia Country Park 2015-4-13 (sight2)
Wing Temple 2015-3-31 (sight2)
Mission City 2015-3-14 (sight2)
Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park 2015-3-7 (sight2)
Bajiadi Park 2015-3-2 (sight2)
Great Wall Resort 2015-2-23 (sight2)
Chinese Culture Park 2015-2-8 (sight2)
Laoshan Velodrome 2015-1-26 (sight2)
Maodun Former Residence 2015-1-19 (sight2)
Shixiaguan Great Wall 2015-1-7 (sight2)
Shooting Gallery 2014-12-16 (sight2)
Wangxinghu Park 2014-11-20 (sight2)
Grand View Garden 2014-10-30 (sight2)
National Theatre 2014-10-16 (sight2)
Tango Wu 2014-10-9 (sight2)
Shichahai Bar Street 2014-9-28 (sight2)
Banbidian Forest Park 2014-9-18 (sight2)
Pearl Spring 2014-9-11 (sight2)
Sendai Tourism Zone 2014-9-2 (sight2)
Sanlitun 2014-8-25 (sight2)
Shentangyu 2014-8-18 (sight2)
Front Gate 2014-8-4 (sight2)
Fahai Temple 2014-7-25 (sight2)
Cents Habitat Hole 2014-7-17 (sight2)
White Dragon Pool Scenic Area 2014-7-8 (sight2)
Qifeng Mountain National Forest Park 2014-7-3 (sight2)
Baiwangshan Forest Park 2014-6-26 (sight2)
White Dragon Pool Forest Park 2014-6-13 (sight2)
Qinglong Gorge 2014-6-3 (sight2)
Beijing Opera 2014-5-27 (sight2)
Helios car 2014-5-20 (sight2)
Fayuan Temple 2014-5-12 (sight2)
Jinhai Lake 2014-5-2 (sight2)
Xianfeng Valley 2014-4-28 (sight2)
Ming City Wall Ruins Park 2014-4-17 (sight2)
Ditan Park 2014-4-10 (sight2)
Wanlongbayi Ski Resort 2014-4-1 (sight2)
Zhongshan Park 2014-3-28 (sight2)
Taoyuanxiangu Scenic Area 2014-3-25 (sight2)
Jiuhua Resort 2014-3-19 (sight2)
Flower Bay Magnetic Hot Springs 2014-3-15 (sight2)
Yunfoshan Ski Resort 2014-3-11 (sight2)
Chunhuiyuan Hot Springs 2014-3-9 (sight2)
Shunjing Hot Spring 2014-3-5 (sight2)
Big Bell Temple 2014-2-27 (sight2)
Central Radio and TV Tower 2014-2-25 (sight2)
Beijing Zoo 2014-2-22 (sight2)
Yunju Ski Resort 2014-2-19 (sight2)
Jinghua Golf 2014-2-17 (sight2)
Huanghuacheng Water Wall 2014-2-13 (sight2)
Taoranting Park, Badachu Park 2014-2-8 (sight2)
Baiquan Mountain Natural Scenic Area, Prince Gong's Mansion, 2014-1-18 (sight2)
Gubeikou Great Wall, Happy Valley, Temple of Heaven, Jingshan Park, Hongluo Temple, Olympic Park, Fragrant Hills Park, Beihai Park, Olympic Forest Park, Summer Palace, Badaling Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Hutong, Longqing Gorge, Mutianyu Great Wall, Olympic Park, Shidu Scenic Area, Sihai Town, World Park, Yanqi Lake, 2014-1-3 (sight2)

Beijing, formerly known as "Yanjing", "You state,""Peking", is the capital of the People's Republic, municipalities and national central cities, China's political, cultural, transportation and international exchange center, economic, financial decision-making and management center, the PRC central government is located. Beijing and Xi'an, Nanjing, Luoyang, saying China's "four ancient capitals", with six world heritage, has the largest number of items of cultural heritage of the city, with major international influence, is one of the largest cities in the world.

1153, Jin are located, is the beginning of the capital Beijing, the capital of Beijing 2014 861 anniversary. Gold in both population over one million. Gold in both of Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties in Beijing building the foundation.

Beijing is located in the northwest edge of the North China Plain, backed by the Yanshan, there Yongding River flows through the old town of the southwest, near Tianjin, Hebei Province, is a city of three thousand years of history, the history and culture of the capital city of eight hundred and sixty years of history there Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing, the Republic of China ( Northern Government ) in this capital in five dynasties, as well as several political regimes built here, a blend of self since Ming and Qing Chinese culture, has many historical historical monuments and cultural landscape.

Beijing Attractions
Forbidden City
Badaling Great Wall
Mutianyu Great Wall
Temple of Heaven
Summer Palace
Tiananmen Square
Beijing Opera
Ming Tombs
Underground Palace
Yonghegong Lamasery
Beijing Hutong
White Cloud Taoist Temple
Beihai Park
Jinshanling Great Wall
Simatai Great Wall
Juyongguan Great Wall
JianKou Great Wall
Beijing Zoo
Confucian Temple
Shichahai Hutong
Tanzhe Temple
Fragrant Hills Park
798 Art Zone
Aquatics Center "Water Cube"
National Stadium "Bird's Nest"
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