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Home >> Group & Private Beijing Tours Travel To China Peking Chang Ling Mausoleum Of Emperor Zhu Di

Beijing Chang Ling Ming Tombs Tours

The second of the two tombs to which some access is possible is that of Emperor Cheng Zu (Yong Le) who reigned from 1403-1424 A.D., and his wife, Empress Ren Xiao Si. At the present time the massive unexcavated mound that covers the tomb is believed to contain an even greater number of precious objects than was found in the tomb of Shen Zong (Wan Li). Opening of this tumulus is planned after further archaeological study has been completed.

To approach the tomb one passes first through one of three doorways in a large gate which forms part of a wall that surrounds the tomb and its grounds. A pavilion housing a Qing stele stands to the right as one enters. At the end of the first courtyard stands the Gate of Eminent Favors which has three passageways and a roof of glazed yellow tiles. This Gate leads into another large courtyard containing carefully pruned trees and the Hall of Eminent Favors can be seen at its far end. The Hall stands on a three-level marble terrace and access is gained by means of three flights of stairs. With a double roof of glazed tiles, it is supported by thirty-two mammoth wooden pillars extending down the 220 foot (67.1 m.) length of the room, which is 105 ft. (31 m.) wide. An additional twenty eight pillars, almost as thick, help to support the lower roof. Exiting from the rear of the Hall, the visitor goes through another gate which leads to the final courtyard. This courtyard is 300 ft. (91.4 m.) long and extends to the foot of the Square Tower which is capped by a Stele Tower. The characters inscribed on it announce "Tomb of Emperor Cheng Zu." There is a 60 ft. (18.3 m.) tunnel which goes through the tower and leads visitors to a terrace from which the unexcavated portion of the tomb can be viewed.

All of our Beijing tour packages include the visits of the Ming Tombs at Chang Ling, the day tours below are for your reference, and we will be glad to tailor make a tour for you with the Chang Ling included.

Ming Tombs
One Day Beijing Bus Tour To Badaling Great Wall And Ming Tombs
Tour Code: SIC_01
Price: RMB 220 Per Adult
Available: Daily
Tour Type: Seat In Coach Group Tour

Ming Tombs
1 Day Private Beijing Tour: Badaling Great Wall + Ming Tombs
Tour Code: PT_05
Available: Daily
Tour Type: Private Tour

Ming Tombs
1 Day Private Beijing Tour: Mutianyu Great wall + Ming Tombs
Tour Code: PT_06
Available: Daily
Tour Type: Private Tour

Ming Tombs
1 Day Private Beijing Tour: Juyongguan Great wall + Ming Tombs
Tour Code: PT_07
Available: Daily
Tour Type: Private Tour


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