China travel agency offers Beijing tour to Forbidden City, Badaling Great Wall, and Summer Palace
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Home >> Group & Private Beijing Tours Travel To China Peking Forbidden City - The Imperial Palace Trip

Beijing Tour To Forbidden City - The Imperial Palace

Forbidden City
Beijing Forbidden City
Imperial Palace

The name Forbidden City is a term used by Westerners to refer to the Imperial Palace. It is actually the Imperial Palace and the surrounding grounds. The meaning of "Forbidden City" dates back to the time, prior to the 1911 Revolution, when entrance into the Palace grounds through TianAnMen Gate was forbidden to ordinary people.

Built in the early fifteenth century (1406-1420 A.D.), it is also called the Palace Museum or the Old Palace. As you pass through TianAnMen Gate you will enter a walled courtyard. Although you cannot see them, on either side of this courtyard are many gardens and halls. Of particular interest if you have time might be the Imperial Ancestral Temple, which is to the right, and the Sun Yat-Sen Park, on the left.

Covering an area of 175 acres (72 ha.), the Palace is enclosed by walls over 35 ft. (10.4 m.) high and surrounded by a moat 57 yd. (52 m.) wide. Today this moat is still full of water. Four watchtowers are placed, one at each corner. Used as the imperial palace by both the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368-1911 A.D.), it is the largest and most complete group of ancient buildings standing in China.

The halls and palaces which comprise the Imperial Palace are all built of wood and brick. With a total of over nine thousand rooms, most of the Palace has undergone some reconstruction to repair damage caused by fire and other ravages of time during the long years of its history. Throughout you will find typical masterpieces of ancient Chinese architecture. Two notable examples are the ingeniously constructed watchtowers and the magnificent Hall of Supreme Harmony.

To further insure the Imperial Palace would be given special protection, in 1961 the Chinese government decreed that the entire area be considered one of China's "most important historical sites."

The Palace Museum, with four gates, has its main entrance to the south, known as the Meridian Gate. This is the gate you will approach as you continue along the cobbled roadway from Tian An Men. The Imperial Palace is divided into two ceremonial areas: the Outer Palace and the Inner Court. Through the Meridian Gate and across the Golden Water Bridge, one comes to the Gate of Supreme Harmony, the main gate of the Outer Palace. The main buildings in the Outer Palace are the Hall of Supreme Harmony, the Hall of Complete Harmony, and the Hall of Preserving Harmony.

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